HEAD Morph

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Following some other thread, here's a quick and dirty head morph example, isight mapped, using KnM 3D. FBX and DAE files included.

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Re: HEAD Morph

i have been running into issues with using skinned models saved as fbx. for what ever reason k3d doesn't like bones and ik's or well the object blender doesn't. right now i have to export animations as individual welded obj files then convert them to fbx to use in qc. it would be nice to be able to do this with skinned, boned and ik's as an fbx.

any suggestions on the best way to convert or get my skinned models into qc for blending. most of them are fbx from maya and cheetah optimized for ipad so i know they will work well in qc.

here is a quick dirty example just like your of what i'm trying to with walk cycles. with some logic and timing more shapes could be added to make a more natural walk.

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