Image file output from compostion?

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How do I save an image file from a composition... I can't seem to find a simple patch to write a file. I am just beginning and playing with simple image filters etc and rather than using the composition in an image editing program would simply like to make self contained compositions that can take an image file and give me one back!

ps will Export2App replace QuartzBuilder in some way...

thanks for any help...rob

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Re: Image file output from compostion?

OS X 10.5's developer materials had a sample project for a plugin that allows you to write image files. It is likely available at Apple's ADC website, in the code repository. Psonice has written, and I believe, posted an alternate image writer, which I have not used. You may wish to search the forum for his name and relevant related words to see if you can tiny the post it was attached to. The apple plugin project writes to tiff, and maybe psonice's had more options(?). I can't quite remember what differentiated it.

To my memory, the Export2App "name" came out of some thread where someone suggested something on forum along the lines of Quartzbuilder, before Quartzbuilder had been released publically. Quartzbuilder provides the functions that were asked for in that post, plus some more.

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Re: Image file output from compostion?

Please find attached a recently built version of this plugin.

Also the standard example and a Transparent Image example.

Do look also at the More Like This links at the bottom of this thread.

All pertinent & useful.

BTW - this build works in both 64 & 32 bit QC.

ImageExporter-Universal.zip17.89 KB

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Re: Image file output from compostion?

Thank you very much exactly the help I needed.

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Re: Image file output from compostion?

Many thanks, very kind to put the files together for me :)