Interaction on Multiple Objects without Iteration, and of multiple render types

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This is an approach to Interaction that enables a few different things -

  • One can "interact" with multiple renderers without using the Iterator (which works around some quirks with using it in an iterator).

-This is the only method (that I'm aware of) that would allow one to use Interaction with different types of renderers in the same composition (eg, a sprite as well as a mesh).

-When the composition is stopped and run again, offsets return to their original positions (not always the case when using Interaction).

-It allows one to achieve offsets in either x or y axis for a given renderer, but also limit the range of each Interaction connected object in either axis as well (or not; objects can have full range as well).

Reference attached composition for a simple illustration. The sole drawback of this approach is that it is a complex qtz in that it requires other qtz's as resources.

Simple Multi Interaction 2.zip38.73 KB