Interactive Wall for Museum Display

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Long time lurker, first time poster (that's how it goes right?)

Long story short. Our Management Team saw this and want one. So far so good. Not a problem I say.

Problem I have. I can make the particles dance around. I can get the video (we are going to be using IR with a modified webcam) to do all sorts of wonderful things. But what I can't do is get the two (the video and the particles) to interact.

I have searched, I have googled, yea I have read most of these forums and I am still missing that piece of information that I need to get this whole thing working (or on the way to working as is the case)

Most likely I have seen the answer, but since my Quartz Composer skills are anything but mad I need a shove in the right direction. I know (or think so) that I need some sort of edge detection or something similar, but what?

I have (hopefully) all the patches/plugins I need (Kineme3D, Kineme Particles, GL) to do this. I know Javascript enough to be dangerous but my Objective C is hardly existent (but I can muddle).

What am I missing?

Thanks for any help.


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Re: Interactive Wall for Museum Display

Well, if you are using IR with a modified webcam, you can do pixel testing via ImagePixels or Image PixelS to place stuff at the appropriate positions by testing where your pixels are at, then rendering at that space. I'm vastly simplifying.

You could also use openCV and something like haar files, but it sounds like you need to go down the color detection route.

I've done a lot of this, and would be happy to chime in more, but I'm not 100% sure about what you want to accomplish visually.

It's very likely you can do what you need to do with stuff that is already available.

Personally, I can't go too much into some more involved setups using this kind of principle on-forum, but you could feel free to email me at

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Re: Interactive Wall for Museum Display


That's the first time I meet a topic on this excat subject I'm working on. I would like to do exactly the same thing, but I'm new to QC and my brain is heatening with this !

Thanks for the post. And thank you Georges for your compositions and... I shall email you :-)