Kinect Body Painter

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I believe this is the first painting application to be driven by high kicks:

Setup is a nightmare wrapped in psychosis, but if you absolutely must, follow this neat guide:

Kinect_body_painter_SW.zip680.87 KB

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Re: Kinect Body Painter

This is really cool. Lousy choice of clipart, but I love the kick interface.

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Re: Kinect Body Painter

I've had a few people try it - they find it surprisingly fun. The kicks are a favourite.

Just tell people to do the "cactus" pose, and it goes from there.

This technology is brilliant.

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Re: Kinect Body Painter

I think that's pretty nifty. Funny idea to trigger kicks like that.

In the OpenNI api, there are some cool built in gestures, and also, there's an example of how to get hand tracking with basically 0 cal. You just start waving your hand, and boom, data. There have been people discussing ways to get unique id's as new hands enter a scene. Some of that may come in nifty for this kind of thing without even requiring the goalpost thing (which

I'm feeling this is kinda like a haartracker, where you're synching up body blobs to this known body structure... you make the field pose - it's easier to detect for horizontal/vert lines using something like hough.

Once this rectangle is detected, you "know" where shoulder are, neck is, etc bc of typical ratios of the human body - you automatically have "freebie" points, from assuming that position.

Then, I feel like the "skeletal" reference struct is getting updated with the new coordinates with some kind of lerp. It's really ingenious. It's like...note the inferred triangles/squares when you make the goal post, and how the body points are basically used to lerp the reference stickman that you are detected as equaling during calibration. There's really much to be learned by the steps involved.

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Re: Kinect Body Painter

interesting. i like the paint drips. this is really awesome. i got to move my cam to a bigger room in order to get the kicks going

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Re: Kinect Body Painter

This is some amazing stuff, very fun!