LeoBodnar USB widgets and QC?

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Hello! Before I buy was just wondering if anybody has used any of these successfully w/QC. They should show up as HID devices thru the HID patch.

http://www.leobodnar.com/products/BU0836/ http://www.leobodnar.com/products/BU0836X/

Just hopin to get a "Yes they do show up/work in QC" before ordering 4 or 5 of them.... their forum has lots of Mac mentions, but no QC

thanks!!!!!! jd

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Re: LeoBodnar USB widgets and QC?

im pretty sure they should show up via hid. every game controller i have tried has effortless hooked up via hid. i mean at 30-40 bucks you could buy 1 to test first. to a department store and bought a playstation rock drum kit on impulse for 10 bucks. i don't have a play station and thought to my self i hope this works with qc and it worked perfectly.

actually setting up a the hat switch to work right was a bit tricky. the small one of these says it does an 8 way hat switch. basically all you do is hit the switch to get the number and use a conditional patch to create a boolean on off value for the hat switch. the hat switch has two states which will be have some sort of id assigned to them its not a simple 0 or 1 like a button but its a button of sorts.

this actually looks promising and i might buy one using a micro controller like arduino is cool but i would rather have something that i don't have to write a program for. usb to hid seems like a cool choice. been thinking of trying to wire up a touch screen digitizer. with one of these things you could totally relatively effortlessly turn existing analog gear into a digital interface.

nice share.. i will try one or maybe get the lab to order one of these things as it may be a good learning tool.

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Re: LeoBodnar USB widgets and QC?

Yes they do show up/work in QC.

I have one of them and they are quite handy. And to reply to your question in the Phidgets thread, I haven't tried connecting multiple boards, but I see no reason why they wouldn't work. It's all standard HID.

I haven't really used it so much so can't guarantee trouble free use. I think there was some plugging/unplugging involved when you added more sensors.

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Re: LeoBodnar USB widgets and QC?

Thanks gang! I feel better. Was sure they would work, but ya nevah know, til ya know....

Have emailed back/forth w/ Leo and he sees no problemo w/4 or more hooked in. BTW they are all serialized so they show up as different units and can move from port to port w/o breaking the patch... When I get them in and play a while will post thoughts/results...

cheers! jd

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Re: LeoBodnar USB widgets and QC?

Yes, they work. Just make sure you have enough power, I've noticed that if you feed them 8 sensors each and have 4 of them going on you might not get enough volts from your USB port. There is no external power source connector in it (at least the one we have used) but I guess putting an external power source with its +voltage to the 5V pins and - to the ground will help.

I have an installation running with the leobodnar chip and four sliders and QC 10.5, after getting everything to work it has been more or less bulletproof.