Making a Color Wheel

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Hi Everyone I am looking to make a composition where I have 3 large color wheels on screen to control 3 sets of outdoor lighting. People will then be able to select colors on screen and will then directly effect the outdoor lighting.

I have all the color to RGB and onto artnet settings working great but I am looking for some ideas on how to get the color wheel idea working.

I did think of using an image of a color wheel and the PixelS plugin to feed the pixel color but I couldn't work out how convert the mouse position to the correct pixel.

I also looked to see if this could be done by embedding the OSX color picker through interface builder and bind the output to the composition but I can only see this by using the color well, which is not exactly what I want.

Anyway if anyone has any ideas how to do this I would love to know.

Cheers Steve

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Re: Making a Color Wheel

The Image Pixel.qtz in the Developer folder (not Image PixelS) shows how to use mouse position to sample the pixel directly under the mouse, and return color values of that pixel. It also includes a big color wheel image.

I may be wrong, but I think you want to use pretty much that exact chain to generate the values for what you describe as already having set up. The only thing you will likely want to add is a sample and hold to enable sample when people touch the touchscreen, and stop sampling on finger up, so that color holds.

I'm attaching it in case you don't have it.

Image Pixel.qtz129.82 KB

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Re: Making a Color Wheel

there are a ton of ways to do this... image pixel sounds like what you are describing. also in an application context there is a color well that you can attach to a published color port. maybe have a panel with color and other parameters. simply publishing a color port will pop up the color picker so you could as well build a quartz builder app with parameters.