Mesh Structure to collider object?

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Hi.. is there a way to get a mesh created from a point structure to act as a collider object in particle tools?

ie "mesh creator" patch is fed a structure of xyz coordinates and outputs a mesh.. can this be somehow made into a kineme3d object for the purpose of using the "Collider: Kineme3d Object"? or is there some other way to achieve this?


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Re: Mesh Structure to collider object?

It's funny mattl, I had exactly the same question (feeding a point structure to collider object of particle tools) a couple of weeks ago. Didn't do any testing yet , but I think Triangle Structure (collider one) is the way to go. See Cube.qtz in the sample compositions folder of particle tools, to see how to make a cube collider with triangle structure.

As you know you should make a 2d surface for the particles to collide with. for instance if you have a quad with points p1,p2,p3,p4 (as each vertex) , you should feed 6 points to the triangle structure with this order: p1,p2,p3,p3,p4,p1

let me know how it works for you!

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Re: Mesh Structure to collider object?

what can I say Idlefon.. I guess its true what they say.. great minds think alike ;)

I havent had a chance to look at this yet but what im thinking as far as making contour line data a collision object is that for each line in the contour, you extrude down the z axis and form a quad..

eg if pt 1 is x=.1, y=.1.z=0 and pt2 is x=.15, y=.1 z=0

then we can complete the quad with pt 3 is x=.15, y=.1 z=-1 and pt 4 is x=.1, y=.1. z=-1

this would theoretically give us an extruded contour as a series of quads that could be used as a collision objects.. not sure at all if this would work but ill have a play..

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Re: Mesh Structure to collider object?

I guess you're right :D

What I had in mind was to map the blobs' contour data to a collider and use textured particles as insects (probably flies) so when someone enters the scene the insects would move away from him.

Theoretically what you're saying about the quads is correct but you'll need a collider quad structure object to send the contour structure to. unfortunately in particle tools we have the triangle structure for structured colliders, so you'll need to transform your contour data to something similar to what I mentioned above.

This means that instead of feeding 4 points (like you'll do for a quad structure) you'll need to feed 6 points.