Midi Keyboard Visual Image Patch

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Hi Everyone

Basically trying to make a patch where an acoustic piano triggers images.

Each Key has 20 pictures assigned to it which are selected by velocity.

I have made a rather clumsy but working version with each key having one image, using 88 billboards, one for each note, with the note enabling the attached image.

There must be a more elegant way…and a way to get velocity to select different images assigned to the same key

I did a search and did read the post about the multiplexer but am a bit stuck..brain not that agile…

Any pointers as to how I can go about this or put me in the right direction would be great!



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Re: Midi Keyboard Visual Image Patch

Two methods demonstrating the multiplex patch and downloading images from from a remote location (ie. not inside your composition).

You can extend on these patches greatly, for example you could the load the images into a queue patch to make a structure of the images which is a little easy to handle than using the download from URL patch each time you need an image. Prob wont see much in the way of speed gains though, QC seems to be able to cache hundreds of images via the downloader and recall them very quickly.

Multiplex from group of images.qtz693.68 KB

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Re: Midi Keyboard Visual Image Patch

Thanks very much for your help. I have certainly made progress and will upload the patch when finished.

How would I go about capturing note off events? I want the image to fade when the key is released. Been experimenting but not sure how to get note off to trig the LFO or interpolation which is modulating the fade plug in for example.

Is there a quartz midi tutorial anywhere? The manual barely mentions it. Also any tutorials on what exactly structure is and how it works? Still about unsure about the global midi structure output.

this is a great resource, thanks!


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Re: Midi Keyboard Visual Image Patch

As well as feeding the midi input signal to the multiplexer for switching images, you could also tap the same signal into a 'smooth' and then feed that into the 'brightness' parameter of the image to create the fade.

i.e. when a note-off arrives, it would smooth from the previous note-on signal '1' to '0' thereby fading the image.

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Re: Midi Keyboard Visual Image Patch

thanks for your great help. I have nearly got this working.

I now have the midi keyboard selecting images, with midi velocity controlling alpha brightness, with a fade.

However there is a problem. For example when playing sequentially two different keys, the image on the first depressed key is replayed for a fraction of a second before switching to the new image when the second key is depressed.

I would like each key to cleanly display the images, without "jumping".

What am I getting wrong here?

Many thanks for your help

Multiplex from group of images 2.qtz7.13 KB