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I am looking to for a way to fading between video sources and found a tutorial, but while watching the tutorial i noticed a mixer patch that i can not find.

this is what i have and what i want to do. i have four videos that i want to mix between. what i am looking for is a mixer that has a a/b fader and a a/b switcher button on both the A-side and B-side of the fader to switch between 2 videos.

here is a link to an example. it starts at 15:40. It is also a little more than i need. thanx for your help.


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Re: Mixer patch

don't really need a/b switcher. just fader between 2 channels

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Re: Mixer patch

Here's one I use with sprites and interpolation patches. A few different ways to do this, of course, depending on your needs. The ports are published because I added it to my library as a macro. For a switcher you can use a multiplexer, most likely set to image.

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Re: Mixer patch

Look for the Dissolve patch (not the "repository composition" that is in the patch list, but the actual patch). That does a fade between two images (it has one image output). Go ahead and read the description of it.

Hook the output of each Dissolve to a Multiplexer.

Have fun. Bus 1 will fade between 2 vids, you flip the multiplexer, and now you have your second bank.

From reading the description of the Dissolve, you should note that your images should be the same size before they hit the dissolve, so you may wish to use an image resize or crop patch to get that happening.

You can use an image dimensions or rendering destination dimensions in conjunction with resize or crop if you wish. Hooking something like the image dimensions to your video feed will give you that as your reference. You can obviously pick an arbitrary number that matches your playback system as well.

If images aren't the same size before they hit the Dissolve patch, it can look weird when you do your dissolve.

The plus of this method is that only one "chain" is active no matter how many sources.

What are you wanting this for? From your past questions, it seems like you sure bite off a lot for starting out (take that as a compliment).

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Re: Mixer patch

Here are a few examples using basic Core Image Filter patches. Dissolve is probably good enough in most cases and as George says a single patch. If you want to get into customising the look of the fade you can build up your own chains or write your own simple CIFilter code as per example in this composition. As QC evaluates the whole chain kind-of-at-once*, a few CI patches in a row isn't necessarily much slower than one, certainly not 3 times the fps hit anyhow. It's a good way to start examining CIFilter, well it's how I started haha.

I think I have a circular wipe example I used for wiping frames of a stop motion. I will try to find it and post.

* that's tech-speak for read Apple Core Image docs for an explanation, it isn't easy for me to say in a couple of lines ;)

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Re: Mixer patch

ok i see your patches and i raise you this. i have uploaded a patch that i have started. i know there are other ways to build this patch but i have to do it this way do to stability issues with Resolume 3.3. not a good idea to run movies through quartz patches on Resolume do to the coding of the app using quicktime. when you do this you get crashes. Any whooo...

back to the patch. Here is what i would like to happen. there are 4 Macros, I would like for two macros to be linked to Channel A and two to be linked to Channel B.

i want to put 5 input splitters, 1 on each macro macro and one on the fader. the input splitters on the macros will on/off switches and fader will values, if i remember correctly.

i f am correct, this should allow me to fade between any of the four macros while allowing me to turn off macros that i am not using.

thanx for all your help

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