Multiple firewire cams input - redux

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Hello Gang!

Was searching Kineme for info on multiple Firewire cam inputs and the general consensus/final summation seems to be no dice/nada/not gonna happen. 1 firewire cam at a time. deal with it.

So...... Has anybody gotten 2/3/4/+ USB cams up and working? OR, a USB and a firewire cam at same time?

If so, was it a situation of 1 cam at a time and you can change from cam to cam? or 2/3/4 simultaneous streams available (til your mac chokes)

Do they all have to be different model cams?

Anybody getting decent frame rates/relatively low latency with a usb cam? (the one I have is usb 1 and pathetic) Can get decent rates/latency thru Maccam(the app) but thru Maccam QT component>QC> one cannot change the grab settings. Soooper doooper sloooow.

trying to avoid wasting money/time/money needlessly on the next project coming up

thanks mucho!!!


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Re: Multiple firewire cams input - redux

One solution I used is a multiplexer, (used for security cams) that display's four live inputs in one screen, with a analogue to firewire converter like a canopus. You can divide the 4 screens easily in quartz composer. It saves bandwidth and processing power. The downside is that the resolution will be halved of all your inputs.

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Re: Multiple firewire cams input - redux

Yes you can get two usb cams working. And if you are on a mac pro you can get multiple firewire cams working by using a second firewire card (separate bus). See here:

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Re: Multiple firewire / 16 camera input possible

Hi, KnM released an AXIS camera patch. This allows for network camera to work with QC.

Get a network video converter that is VAPIX 2 compliant, there are models out there that allow for up to 16 cameras signal conversion. Since it is ethernet 1gB bandwidth, you can have in theory up to 20 cam connected and sending video. One good thing with network cams is that you can set them up through bonjour... no need for that "missing" (read: removed) camera dialog box.

hope this helps.

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Re: Multiple firewire cams input - redux

Down this vein, has anybody used two firewire cams on a firewire hub? Or is it 1 cam per firewire bus?

thanks for the info gang!!! jd

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Re: Multiple firewire cams input - redux

I'm able to run two firewire cams simultaneously? I've got an intel iMac with one fw 800 and one fw 400 input and have set up multiple types of 2 or more firewire cams in QC. I've used the built in iSight simultaneously along with 3 different kinds of external cams via the fw 400 input, and that worked fine. But more surprisingly, I usually have an external rocstor hd plugged into my fw 800 port on my computer that has two extra fw 400 ports on it to daisy chain hardrives. I plugged a Canon HV20 into one of the 400 ports on the hd, then plugged a Sony TRV950 into the 400 port on my computer, and was able to get two simultaneous video inputs in QC AND use my hd.