N00b Javascript Structure Output

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I'm up late playing with quartz composer and I can't figure this out. I've used this syntax in the past but it keeps giving me this error now:

TypeError: Result of expression 'inputStructure'[null] is not an object

Thanks to anyone that can help me understand this.

This is what I think is going on:

  • XML patch generates a structure from the XML
  • javascript inputs structure and outputs a substructure
  • Instructions patch displays count of substructure

I'm so very confused and a n00b :-\

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Re: N00b Javascript Structure Output

Yay for "More like this" list!

Javascript is evaluated twice: once in testMode a second time with all the values. You just need to check for if the global variable _testMode is false to insure that your structures are populated!

Here's the more descriptive post:


I will now sleep in peace :-)

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Re: N00b Javascript Structure Output


I will now sleep in peace :-)

have a butcher's hook at this redraft of your concept which does , in fact, now work.

Happy Easter :-)

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