New CVTools and Optical Flow Points problem

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Hi everyone, I'm pretty new at QC and trying to do a tracking composition for my new touch table.

My question is, how can I detect the movement is on or off?

I mean, at the older version of CVTools, I can detect the movement with the structure count of Optical Flow Points node but at the new version of OpenCV, the structure count is always bigger than 0 =/

I'll rewrite my problem becouse my english is poor,

I want to detect to movement. Is it 1 or 0. Then I'll add and reload the optical flow points to catch the move.


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Re: New CVTools and Optical Flow Points problem

Try CCV,

It works together with the the tuio quartz client

Haven't really looked into it myself, but looks like something usefull for you. Search the kineme forum with tuio, there are some threads/compositions available on the topic.

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Re: New CVTools and Optical Flow Points problem

But the problem is TUIO programs are crashing at my computer, don't know why. I have macam drivers for Sony Eye Cam but still crashing. I tried Community Core Vision, Touche, Reactables software vs. all of them crashing. Only BBTouch working but it's not good for me becouse it has always raw blobs on itself. Catching projectors light vs. I made the filters and tried many variations but the result is same..

I have to do it with quartz or format my mac ;/

Thanks for reply!