OSC receiver not working

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quartz composer OSC receiver has stopped working. It worked before. With OSCulator everything is fine. I get no error messages from QC. In console i get:

3/16/10 4:16:38 PM Finder[231] *** Patch class "QCOSCReceiver" is not allowed in safe mode 3/16/10 4:16:38 PM Finder[231] *** : Failed instantiating patch with name "QCOSCReceiver" 3/16/10 4:16:38 PM Finder[231] *** Message from : Cannot create node of class "QCOSCReceiver" and identifier "(null)" 3/16/10 4:16:38 PM Finder[231] *** Message from : Cannot create connection from ["outputSignal" @ "OSCReceiver_2"] to ["tap" @ "Patch_1"] 3/16/10 4:16:38 PM Finder[231] *** State restoration failed on

But this is from finder, something about safe mode. I've tryed to set this options to allow OSC receiver. But without success. Also tryed qcOSC from somewhere arround here. Again unsucceess. Changed the communication port to several different. No success. Also tryed to send from within the mac from pure data and no succeess either. I have spent the last day trying to find anyone with this kind of error but no luck. Can't understand why or what.

On debug mode QC is able to receive something but i still get no reaction on screen. it prints this:

3/16/10 5:18:45 AM Quartz Composer[1756] *** Message from : Packet received on port 11000: { }

I've not done much, kineme has something to detect bad installation of packages but apparently they are all fine.I just installed camcamx and manycam. Whome weren't working but suddenly they started working. (fixed something to broke another)

From my understanding of QC i believe that the problem is on the socket read from QC. But i own a mac less than a year, and only started working with QC last month.

Can anyone help? Please! The objective was to syncronize Traktor(running on a windows machine) to Coge(running on this mac).

BTW platform: OSX 10.5.8 QC Version 3.0 (63) Framework Version 2.1 (106.13)

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Re: OSC receiver not working

I am sory. I am new to OSC also.

I have corrected my error. I was composing the OSC message wrongly. Despite protocol of OSC not requiring any arguments to be introduced, OSC receiver patch from QC shows an empty content message and assumes none is received. Or that's what i've learned because after anything being introduced in the message it started working.

Anyway, i hope this helps someone at least.

PS- Wonderful site you got here. With lots of resources and useful discussions. thanks.

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Traktor (will work with others)Coge Midi clock Sync with OSC

All hail free software.

This is a cross platform alternative for synchronizing two(or more) different computers to one Midi Clock. Since one will have coge this will be between a Mac OSX and windows running traktor that produces midi clock.

For windows Midi Yoke (tested in XP) to wrap Midi clock to Pure Data extended (tested with v 0.41.4) from there the clock will be sent has an OSC message to one or all network computer(s). On the listening side there will be one other Pure Data patch converting a specific OSC message to Midi clock. Then coge can catch this midi clock just by clicking "Midi clk".

This is nothing special but it took me almost 3 weeks to accomplish it. Given that i knew nothing about pure data at the time, this [url="http://puredata.hurleur.com"]site[/url] was very helpful.

Also note that this is not the best way.

There are Midi cables for this. There are usb to midi converters, for those who don't have midi ports. Also external sound boards quite good with several inputs and outputs. I have experienced a +/- 3 Beats float of BPM count on coge but always around the correct number, over time this seems to float less. This still lacks testing.

Anyway. You'll need Pure data extended on every machine. You'll need Midi Yoke on Windows. You can use Yac Driver on Mac OSX for midi wrap. Don't know for linux, sorry. (read somewhere something about jack)

On pure data you'll need to define the midi device input or output which ever is the case. On windows it's easy on any pure data windows you can set midi devices, choose midi Yoke (the channel number should be the same in the receiver input and sender output). On OSX it's on the main window, under preferences.

If using this with quartz composer one can skip the pure data on the OSC server side (which is the one that listens). If adding more functions to this keep in mind that quartz composer does not understands 0 arguments messages. (I think this should be a bug)

You are advised to change the IP on the pure data patch to which ever is your destination. You can use to broadcast. Don't use wireless, it's a 0 security communication protocol.

Hope to save someone's time. GL

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