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Now that OpenCL works ok and I have a GTX285 card, Ive started to look at OpenCL particles. So far I have just been tinkering round the edges of the Apple Snow example, I dont have anything nice to share yet. But I have been having fun running the particles through some mesh filters.

I would like tho share some benchmarks to see what can be achieved with this graphics card, but I should probably wait until Ive got some particles that interact in a way that is fairly computationally heavy?

I had a bit of a sniff round the web, didnt find too much, some useful work done with OpenCL particles for openframeworks but Im unsure how easily that can be translated to Quartz Composer?

Then I somehow found a blog that I had not heard of before, where there are some Quartz Compositions which are doing particle stuff using OpenCL:

Above link is for a composition that uses an image to determine particle location, but there are some others there too on the sidebar, particles over sphere and supershapes also done with OpenCL. These are going to be a big help as I try to learn how to swim in the world of OpenCL. There is an openCL Julia Quaternion composition on that site too.

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Re: OpenCL particles

No info to share, but looking forward to seeing what you come up with! I've been meaning to get into OpenCL particle systems for a while, but life (as it does) has got in the way, unfortunately.


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Re: OpenCL particles

Good find on the OpenCL link front Elbows - must add that to my resources page - some beautiful work too.

I'm only running on an nVidia 9400, would you be interested in that type of cards results ?

I did make some visualizers exploiting - or seeking to exploit the OpenCL Particle system.

Will attach one - later - made an error in picking one of a very similar name.

Find attached Mesh Particle - a visualizer and a really simple one at that too :-) .

MeshParticle.qtz40.83 KB

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Re: OpenCL particles

i was getting an effect similar to the t-link experiments with the 1024 particle cloud and k3d points the other day. thanks for sharing.