Output from a Macro...again

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Hi all,

I have seen this addressed several times, but it is just reinforcing my assumption that I SHOULD be able to do this...

I have bunch of GL Points, and Kineme Struct Makers that plot the vertices of a triangle. The structs are the x,y and color of each point. I want to take all of them and put them into a struct so I can do stuff with it.

All of this I am trying to put into a Macro, but I cannot publish the output of the final structure (the aggregation of the three points).

I don't have any pink/magenta (using Snow Leopard) patches... everything is blue and black.

Am I doing something wrong, or am I missing something?



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Re: Output from a Macro...again

In Snow Leopard, blue patches are Consumers. (Yes, it's the exact opposite of Leopard. Yes, this change is dumb.)

You can't have Consumer patches inside a macro if you want to publish output from the macro.

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Re: Output from a Macro...again

Ahhh... thanks, Steve.

Is there a "Color Guide" somewhere?