Per Particle attributes?

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I've been working on a comp that uses Kineme Particle Tools. I'm emitting sprites via the Texture Render and I was wondering if there was any way to apply some per particle randomness on the size of the sprite. I looked in the Operator patches that control the random color, velocity, etc...couldn't find anything for size. Can it be done using just the Kineme Particle tools or will I need to find another route? Thanks for any advice you can share. Cheers.

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Re: Per Particle attributes?

If there are not many particles, you can:

1- render the particle system as a structure.

2- Use the sprites inside an iterator and have the mentioned structure determine their X,Y,Z etc.

3- use a javascript or use random patch attached to a queue to determine random values for each sprite's height and width.

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Re: Per Particle attributes?

i just uploaded a particle simulation you can add your own sprite to as well. you would add a image as texture to the mesh creator then use the above method js randomize some size values. like use a signal patch from start and every x time after randomize a new value for the particle.

sorry i don't really understand the kineme particle tools, as when i first started it was a non intuitive patch for me. i do how ever think it is possible to hook up a image to the particle system. i would have to look at the example to give you an answer as i couldn't figure out how to add an image without the example patch.

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Re: Per Particle attributes?

With kineme particle tools, you can add random size to particles by adding an "operator:number:random", adjusting it in settings to random object size and connecting it to the object:particle.

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Re: Per Particle attributes?

Thanks for all the help! I'll give those suggestions a try. I forgot that the random operators can be applied to the particle objects as well as the particle scene. Good to know!