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Hello gang!

What is the latest status of QC and Phidget compatibility?

I assume that these do not show up as HID devices under the HID patch, and may require some programming (yuk)

Your thoughts gang? anybody using them? Tips/trix?

Am particulary interested in the: 1015 Linear Touch & 1016 Circular touch since they both work thru a thin layer of plexi....

thanks! cheers! jd

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Re: QC & Phidgets

"Am particulary interested in the: 1015 Linear Touch & 1016 Circular touch since they both work thru a thin layer of plexi...."

That's worth noting, thanks!

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Re: QC & Phidgets

Here is some code I started writing for the phidgets - this is a simple (unfinished yet working) plug-in to control the Phidget LED device.

The code is very simple and if you have any programming experience you should be able to figure out how to adapt it to your needs - feel free to post any questions about it as it's not commented.

PhidgetLED.zip255.83 KB

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Re: QC & Phidgets

You don't need to use the Phidgets Interface Kit board to read those sensors. You could just buy the sensors and connect them to an Arduino or any other microcontroller. Then you can use the Kineme Serial Plugin to read the sensor data in QC. This of course requires a bit of programming on the Arduino side and a very basic knowledge of electronics.

If you want to use the sensors as HID devices, you could use something like the BU0836 http://www.leobodnar.com/products/BU0836/ If I remember correctly, the Phidgets use a little bit different wiring for their sensors so so you can't just plug them to the BU0836. I think you need to flip the 5v and data wires. It's not a big deal.

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Re: QC & Phidgets

Whoops. Didn't really check closely which sensors you were talking about. Those plug directly to USB so they aren't as simple as most of the Phidgets sensors. So what I said above doesn't really apply here.

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Re: QC & Phidgets

Coooooool. thank you Wax for turning me on to this... the BU0836 is actually kind of what I was looking for when I found the phidgets stuff, a way to build my own switching and stuff then just have a HID-compliant way to bring it into QC w/o a lot of programming... (AND without hacking up an old game controller) Too bad I love the circular phidget... way too cool.

Questions if you have used one of these.. Are there any ID issues with multiple BU0836s installed?? (website indicates chips are serialed, so just checkin) Any idea if these are USB-hogs? Like some cheap midi interfaces I know of....

thanks mucho! jd