Real time streaming

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Hi there, I am building a college project that is a real time video editing system using content from mobile phones for input.

One of the options open to me is to use a live video sharing website like Qik ( to stream to Quartz Composer and then control from Max/Msp. I'm using Max as its takes care of the audio processing for me. From Qik I can get information to use their embedded player.

Do you know how I can go about doing this in QC? I've started using it a couple months ago and like the results I got. I think it is perfect to deal with the visual side of my project.

If anyone can give me input I'd be very grateful

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Re: Real time streaming

Streaming live imagery from Quartz Composer out to the web is readily achievable, but streaming live video from the web back into Quartz Composer runs into roadblocks due to the Flash formatting of most web based video. Here are a couple of resources for getting web pages into Quartz Compositions, but I suspect you won't be able to access the video from those pages, unfortunately.

CoGeWebKit QCPlugin

Web To Image Plugin

Additionally, here is a older discussion from the Kineme forums which essentially expresses the same inquiries as yours. It seems not to have come to a defining conclusion.


Lastly, you might look into v002 Screen Capture. The implication being that you could capture the video imagery from your desktop web browser.

v002 Screen Capture