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I'm working with a text file on a website using the Kineme String with URL. The text file is a record of weather data and I'm trying to pull in the most recent recordings every hour. I'm wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to pull each line individually, similar to if it was an XML structure. I'm looking at converting this string to XML or a way to see this file on a per line basis. Any help would be great.



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Re: String with URL

String components is the one object that comes to mind that can explode a big string into a structure - you can have it convert to structure based on something as simple as a new index every time there's a space, or a given word or symbol. I don't know how workable that will be for you. Keep in mind that you can also break something up using a general term with string components, and then feed it into another string component patch that breaks it up more specifically.

I've been able to get actual raw string data or file data and make "pseudo" importers based on this premise. It not necessarily fun though!

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Re: String with URL

Thanks George. That's where I was basically getting to, using string components look at spaces. It seems like the Kineme string with URL does just as says and outputs a string. I think any reference to returns are maybe stripped out. I'm working on this today and will hopefully come up with a solution. Using spaces is super cumbersome because there is no good way to see the entire structure... is there a way to publish an output so that the console can read it? that could be helpful, but I've never thought of it until now.