Stupid Art-net question

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Hi gang! Stoopid Art-Net question here.... Can artnet connections be made internally without going out to an Artnet dmx Interface?

As in - is there any way to send artnet packets from/to QC from/to Chamsys Magicq running on the same machine? Sorta like spooky patch but between apps.

thanks! jd

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Re: Stupid Art-net question

Yes, but I think you'll need to configure a virtual loopback device since Artnet requires you be in the 10.x.x.x or 2.x.x.x subnets.

Try this:

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Re: Stupid Art-net question

The Art-Net spec requires that receivers listen on UDP port 6454, and that senders send on the same port number (which is unusual for network protocols), so it's not possible to both send and receive on the same interface.

If you can set up a tunnel that appears as two separate interfaces, then send on one interface and receive on the other, that might work. may be useful for this.

However, I'd recommend exploring other simpler possibilities for interprocess communication.