Substituting Transitions between comps OSCeleton

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I've got the first two "color law" comps pretty much done. I need to create a transition method between the 4-5 comps I'll have for this, but as we know, you have to restart QC to launch a new OSC comp. So, I want to sort of "embed" them all in the same composition and create a method of transitioning between each environment.

If I have to, I'll have to have changes done on the back end "enabling" different billboards, etc. But I would much rather have a trigger- ideally it would be a side swipe, sort of how @scalf did this:

The two compositions attached both use OSCeleton.

OSC_Gradient will be the opening content piece for the color box. Followed by sim_con (simultaneous contrast)

Thanks for any ideas...

OSC_Gradient.qtz867.41 KB
OSC_simcon_hands.qtz593.57 KB