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I've been hanging around these forums for some time now, and it's been very helpful. I get the clear impression though, that I'm using QC for something wildly different than what most of you are doing.

I've built a suite of video effects, to be used a graphic overlays to web streamed broadcasts of amateur wrestling. The primary user is USA Wrestling, the national governing body for the sport. I've got a live scoreboard, and some other effects.

I've been working on a ticker, that would show results, on deck information, team scores, headlines, etc. I have it mostly done, although it could probably use a little clean up. I have a big issue I need your help with. The effect doesn't run perfectly smoothly. That is, it's jittery. With scrolling text, that's very obvious and almost gives you a headache. It sometimes runs perfectly until the CPU is a little bit taxed.

I'll attach my composition, and the plugin I created that it needs, and the source code for that plugin. I really feel like the problem is somewhere in the QC code, rather than in my plugin, as my patches only run once in a while. I've tried to replace a significant portion of the QC code with a custom patch, but that seemed to only make things worse. That code is in the attached project also.

Can you please help me find a way to make this ticker run more smoothly?

Additional info. Because the information in the ticker is somewhat time sensitive, I built it this way so that I can refresh the info just before each segment is displayed. When I tried to do that with other tickers I saw, I kept having problems with the width of a segment changing causing positioning issues.

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