Toggle a pause (LFO)

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I've been messing with stop watch and interpolation patches to try to toggle a pause.

In this comp, LFOs are running to change the background colors. I'd like to puase the colors but still allow the rest of the comp to run. I'm going to put this back into the OSCeleton composition and try to have the arms outspread toggle a freeze of the color change, while still allowing the stick man to walk around.

Any suggestions on how to pause the LFOs so the colors freeze where they are?

simultaneous_contrastRGB-separated.qtz18.43 KB

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Re: Toggle a pause (LFO)


Does this help you ? (see published input param)


simultaneous_contrastRGB-separated_pause.qtz19.64 KB

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Re: Toggle a pause (LFO)

Works very well for me, thank you very much!