Transparent Sprite/Clear Glass

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hello again. this basically 3 questions.

  1. Can a Sprite be made transparent?
  2. How can i make a sprite look like glass, or shinny?
  3. Can both these be used together?

example: Tron: Legacy, light bike scenes. want the glassy/transparent look of that.

thanks for your help.

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Re: Transparent Sprite/Clear Glass

Would you mind sending me your email?

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Re: Transparent Sprite/Clear Glass

Maybe have a look at this previously posted example Iterator Transparency - a Developers example. [thanks to Lee for that upload].

Glass or shiny - sounds like GLSL.

I have found that you can get some great glassy, transparent and shiny effects with Mesh Renderers.

Hope that helps or points you in a useful direction.

Semi-Transparent-Mesh.qtz19.55 KB

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Re: Transparent Sprite/Clear Glass

Here are some thoughts, in addition to Cybero's very helpful points:

-Christopher Wright has posted an extremely useful GLSL refraction shader example that can work "as is" in Leopard. At the end of the thread, I posted a substitute that works around one of the patches not working the same in Snow Leopard. This can be a nice technique for getting a glassy look.

-toneburst's Machines Don't Care ( ) has many excellent compositions, but I want to point out one titled GLSL Lighting Models. In that composition, you will find GLSL shaders that are going to be useful for you; look for Thin Film, Glossy Wet, and give a flip through the others as well).

-You should be able to place whatever models you're using inside of these shaders, or use the stock lighting patch with a model that is already smooth and popping to get some decent kind of "shiny" textures.

-In addition, much of that look comes from glowing light auras, so you may want to consider compositing layers of glow, bloom, blur, etc., on top of your main image.

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Re: Transparent Sprite/Clear Glass

sent you an email the other day, with no reply.