Using Quartz Live with multiple patches

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Hi there

Newbie to quartz composer but working hard to learn it!

I want to do a live set that uses around 12 different compositions. I need to be able to switch from one composition to another without the audience seeing the loading procedure, ie one composition finishes, fades to black, next composition then starts. Is this possible? Would it require dual screen set up etc?

many thanks for any advice


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Re: Using Quartz Live with multiple patches

See the attachment.

I started by dragging qtz files from the Developer folder onto the Editor surface, if that part isn't clear. Also, you could use a Demultiplexer instead of the javascript; go into settings on a Demultiplexer and choose use reset value, then set the reset to False.

Fade Between.qtz106.38 KB

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Re: Using Quartz Live with multiple patches

This file shows how you can use a single key strokes to rotate between several quartz compositions .

Like that Fade transition thing BTW.

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Re: Using Quartz Live with multiple patches

I took the fade to be the most important part of the question :-)

(You can get rid of the javascript in your composition, it isn't performing a funtion.)

One thought; when you use the composition loader like that, you get no warnings if something isn't working correctly. For instance, no compositions load for me because I'm in 10.5.8 right now, and I would just think the composition was messed up if I wasn't aware of why.

I like the composition loader, but I do think that having the qtz's in composition is better for performance.

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Re: Using Quartz Live with multiple patches

thanks for the help people! Getting there.....I have also figured that quartz builder can fade out compositions and display on a second display. Cant crossfade but it could work.