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I have checked the forums for about on hour now and have not seen any recent posts about WEBCAMS that work within quartz composer.

I recent bought a LOGITECH HD 910C. I was disappointed when i tried to use it within Quartz and found out that i only got 1fps. I was PISSED!!!!!!!!!!! I did some research and found some info about why it did not work. Logitech does not provide DRIVERS to run the CAM. the ONLY way it works is if you use there PROPRIETARY software


during my research I found a couple of pages that explain which WEBCAMS work with mac WITHOUT drivers. below is a link to the page. to make it short and simple, ANY WEBCAM that will work on a LINUX KERNAL 2.6, SHOULD work on MAC. what I mean by this is that these WEBCAMS SHOULD work with MAC APPS. all these cameras are USB VDC (video device class). the reason why i said to look for webcams that are LINUX KERNAL 2.6 is because you should find this on the info packaging.

The reason I posted this is because I NEED a 1080P or 720P in my hands on March 9, 2011. If there is anyone that has ANY good webcams on a budget, PLEASE post here. this is just a temporary fix. I will buy a more professional cam later. Any successful HD WEBCAMS WANTED! I am looking at this cam, Creative Labs Live! Cam Socialize HD Webcam

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Re: WEBCAM??????

I used PS3Eye with macam ( for a recent project of mine. I think it's HD.

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Re: WEBCAM??????

I have two logitech cams (cheapies) that work 100% fine with QC. I don't know about the LOGITECH has NO MAC LOVE line, though that may be true with the model you're trying (or even generally...maybe I lucked out with the cheap one). I never had to install drivers.

It seems like when I tried that Sony cam that's referred to, I may have had to boot QC in 32-bit to get the macam driver to work. I don't remember if it's HD (I thought it was just 640x480)...but it looked sharper than the logitech crap units I have which look like the iSight. The sony looked a little bit sharper.

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Re: WEBCAM??????

what kind of computer do you have. its possible to go to 1280 x 1024 with an isight. see pic for proof. i get around 30-40fps the fps pic is a joke at first qc says 3000 + fps lol. not sure about the fps with HD webcams. its getting better. the kinect will go HD at 10fps. i know some people are using fleas and firefly with qc.

with a macam driver you can pretty much run most things on you mac. getting them into qc is different. check out the kineme video plugin for a list of their supported cams.

my playstation eye cranks out at 180fps with a modified macam driver but the resolution isn't that high but great for tracking.

i have a blue mic which is plugin auto recognized. they have a mic/webcam HD combo for like 30 bucks seems like a good deal. i know the blue mic i have just shows up.

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Re: WEBCAM??????

Confirmed: PS3eye is 640x480 and the macam driver requires 32-bit.

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Re: WEBCAM??????

I just picked up the Creative LIVE! CAM Socialize HD. the store did not have the 1080p version, only the 720p version. picked it up and it works like a charm. now just to try in resolume.