altering an xml file from iPhoto

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My iPhoto library contains about 60000 photos and i like to find a nice way to present it. Here in the forum I read some threads about iPhoto, so I exported the metadata of some albums into an xml file (someone here posted a link to a plugin to do this). When loading the xml into quartz composer with an image loader it works fine (just a simple slideshow). I now want to control what images are shown, like only images in with a specific tag or date or in an specific album, and play them in the correct order. In qc i tried to use the conditional patch to solve this problem, but it didnĀ“t work correctly. Are there any ways to do this with pure qc or do i have to learn javascript to filter/alter the xml first? I am grateful for any advice or ideas.


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Re: altering an xml file from iPhoto

Edit the XML file. Simple as that, what the XML file lists is what images can and shall be loaded. See for further details.