de -interlacing to half res double framerate

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First post on this forum, so hello and thumbs up for all the shared knowledge and experience.

I was playing around a bit with computer vision and was eager to use some industrial CCTV cameras rather then PS3 Eye webcam. The problem is its PAL and 50i. Which is annoying, but also a potential.

Is it possible to make a filter or plugin that would convert interlaced video stream (PAL 50i) to half res 50p stream?. This would effectively improve the temporal resolution witch is pretty good for CV.

I guess the trick would be to split 1 frame into two consecutive frames being a part of a new video stream. Is it possible to do in quartz or is it rather a C++/plugin dev thing?



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Re: de -interlacing to half res double framerate

You could do this with coreimage -- deinterlacing is pretty well-traveled in Quartz Composer (And in CoreImage in general).

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Re: de -interlacing to half res double framerate

Regular deinterlacing yes - doable and well documented in CI. But this gives you a full res 25p picture video stream rather than half res (height) 50p. Unless I'm missing something...