kinect explosion

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this is an explosion type of effect i made while messing with the kinect. it uses v002 open kinect so you got have that running. when you push the space bar the video explodes.

you will need to take a background shot of your room as well. you can see the background shot during the explosion is different as i recorded this today and made it yesterday.

just came up with this while i was expanding the point cloud image for hit testing. i thought if i spread the point cloud in z space then i could hit test more accurately. meaning the kinect only shows you from one perspective. if you spread the pixels out you can sort of compensate for your back and sides the camera doesn't see, or you can blow your self up. ;)

blowup.qtz332.81 KB

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Re: kinect explosion

haha.. I love this..!

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Re: kinect explosion

love it !

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Re: kinect explosion

Ha ha, THAT was unexpected!

It's actually a neat background extraction. No chroma key or green screen.

There's bound to be a million uses for that...

All the best -R

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Re: kinect explosion

dust to dust, awesome...