kineme video player inside iterator

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For those who tried... Can I place kineme video player inside an iterator and does it drop frames?

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Re: kineme video player inside iterator

Why not make bold , try it out for yourself and report your findings ?

I don't think it's especially useful [placing a movie player inside an iterator ].

You can't publish up its resulting image output.

It's the rendering patch that gets affected most by the variation of iterator processes within the Iterator.

Iterating eventually slows down the frame playing rate as it tries to correctly iterate however many copies [iterations] you've set.

Eventually, I guess it would drop frames.

See attached examples.

BTW the zip file contains the movie asset called upon and an additional composition showing how the Kineme QuickTime Player & Stock Movie Player compare iterated and uniterated.

doesiteveniterate.zip833.35 KB
DoesItIterateAgain.qtz6.42 KB

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Re: kineme video player inside iterator

Yes. An iterator usage slowes down the process.

Then I've used 25 video players simultaneously and couldn't figure how the framerate is affected when I change "cashed frames" and "history" parameters?