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so just a headz up to anybody in the land of swiss or geneva. there is a pretty cool festival i have some of my quartz composer work. here is a link. i thought some vj's in europe might find this interesting.

you will see my piece is projected on ice blocks. basically one of my professors had got in a car accident and has got brain damage, so i have been working with help helping get his memory etc back... so his idea for the piece was originally to be 4 sided projected on a block of ice.

now there seems to be a shortage of ice in switzerland ???? so now its a two sided piece as switzerland exports their ice to china or something ??? to get a cubed wall of ice in switzerland i guess costs 4k or something and is sent from new england in america. so right now we are trying to construct an alternative.

but the basic idea was to have mri - cat scans and angiograms projected on the 3 sides of the ice to represent the brain loss of memory etc.. then in the front we are projecting a quartz file that has a video of my professor telling his story. in another room there is a camera where people tell their memories and their images and audio get intertwined with original story and sent out to the projected art piece.

the tech is qc, max, and opencv. open cv is to detect when someone is present telling a memory to the camera and snaps image fragments and audio samples that get over layed with each other.

im not sure how it will turn out as it was basically thrown together in one night. but the idea to have all these randomized sequences of audio samples in different languages as well as image samples is pretty powerful in concept. we will have to see in implementation.

has anyone else ever projected on to ice or done anything similar to this in respects to av randomizations etc.. im still getting used to randomized art.

here is a pic of the qc file. so yeah just wanted to give anybody in the land of swiss a heads up etc...

you will have to let me know how this turns out as i'm remote conference to switzerland. im a little worried hopefully we will be able to sort out the ice.

Screen shot 2010-05-06 at 8.54.51 AM.png
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Re: mapping festival

hugh guess i can't edit that. just wanted to say that in the pic you see the grid or 4 square images is where people faces get mapped to. i will get some pics of it running in geneva and post in the next few weeks.

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Re: mapping festival

Yeah , you can't edit comments that start a thread once that comment is posted.

So your installation is running in Geneva & you'll be viewing from Boston ?

The puzzling thing is Switzerland importing snow cubes - beautifully ironic.

Hope it goes well for you [ & the professor].

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Re: mapping festival

yeah no ice in switzerland ? don't they have glaciers and stuff there ? or at least thats what we have been told. my professor is over there right now setting up. its a week long exhibit. i might fly over for the last week i'm still undecided. if i'm needed then i will make the trek. it seems to be going pretty well. the ice guy says in 3 days he can make a wall of ice the way we need.

guess there was some miss communication as the original ice guy went missing in action. so a tint of food coloring and some milk will make some new ice blocks that are nice and cloudy for projecting. the ones for today my professor is trying to muck up scratch pack with snow and stuff as its a bit 2 clear for projections.

yeah i'm viewing from home right now. walking my professor through how to set up all the files etc... he has to re - learn every thing... but ironically the one thing he remembers is after effects, so doing this all remote has been going well. i just need to remember to slow down explaining things.

i don't really know any of the mapping festival crew but my professor does or was doing that festival annually until his accident so he knows all those guys and they all seem really cool. there is a vj contest so i'm sure some qc heads will show up.

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Re: mapping festival

oh, so you're a student of rafael diluzio ? Saw this installation at the mapping, but I heard you had ice problems, as it was not clear enough.

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Re: mapping festival

yeah i'm helping raph. the ice was to clear not not clear enough....he likes projecting on the ice because once it melts the piece is over. he has brain damage, and wasn't thinking clearly when he wanted to do a two week show on a cube of ice. gets messy as the ice has to go somewhere. i think dry ice would be interesting. i think they got something running on plexiglass now with rear projections. i have been remote conferencing over there trying to help raphael sort his brain out and teach him quartz composer at the same time.

he seemed frustrated the last time i talked to him. i think i got him set up now. he has a glitched version right now. its doing some indeterminate gl buffer glitch that has no controls. i told him normally you put a clear inside an image renderer but if you don't.... you get weirdness like applications that where open an hour ago peeking in etc... because he really likes it when you are teleconferencing and the screen glithches and part of the desktop shows through. so i told him that effect was easy and he's going with it.

i kind of wish i was there now as it seems like its really cool fesitval. matais showed me some of his work. raphael says that the cenus is that particles seem to be in right now or trendy, particularly ones that follow you or are interactive. op tiles are out !

i wonder how annoying the audio component is of this piece as i set the fragmented audio samples to record upon face detection then randomly play back upon face detection. there are five buffer samplers filling up for a 1000 milliseconds each. so i'm sure with that and the room noise and all the different languages of recorded memories the audio space of this piece might get pretty intense, and overwhelming if its let to run. it probably gets annoying but its a perfect representation of raph's brain damage.

i guess its how i explain my adhd. you have all these random audio samples over-layed on top of each other, phasing and reverberating then the mic is picking the room up so its recording its self and new samples and eventually it all builds up until you can't make anything out. or at least thats the explicit intent i built into the sampler playback system.

so as per the adhd its like you watching tv, talking on the phone, listening to the radio, your kid is talking to you and your wife is yelling at you. at some point your brain just can't handle all the multi-tasking or mine is not capable anymore. this is how i describe adhd as your thoughts inside your head are doing this constantly. so i wasn't exactly sure if that is the feeling of raph's brain damage but that is the feeling of my brain damage and akathasia.

so yeah,

raphael says... you know franz ? i said virtually.

check the piece out now i guess its different than the ice. i told him he really needs more time as two weeks isn't enough to do a 4 channel projection, make a vj application, a remote osc controller and quartz patch that captures viewers in 4 quadrants and randomly plays them back with his video etc...

personally im into graphic minimalism so this piece inherently being 4 channels is a bit much for me but raphael and i have formed a collective and the the piece is his idea where as the monolog and narrative are personal to him. so there is much more to the projection than images.

im not there but raphael seems to think that some of the work at the mapping festival is all about the technique / effect and or the technology and some of the implicit principles and lets say soulful intentions get lost in work all about the tech.

which reminds me of guy that used to stand outside a club i used to go to and sell hats that said "drum machines have no soul"...... i bought cause i thought it was funny as i love drum machines.

i actually taught my computer to anticipate and predict the next note via random hidden markov chains and the computer defiantly can play better than me which proves to me that machine may not have soul but can learn to play piano faster than a human and compose stochastically with the swing of human.

errr rant blah blah

anythoughts on this subject....

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Re: mapping festival

Sorry to hear about your Professor.

But exporting ice to China!?! How sustainable is that? It's ironic that the CO2 output in transporting the ice to china is melting the glaciers that produce it...

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Re: mapping festival

i think he is going to make or at least have fun through the duration....

here is a pic.

ArcheologyOFmemory1.jpg2.35 MB