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Hi everyone,

for a camera tracking composition I'm using the CIPseudoMedian (hidden) patch too smoothen the results of a thresholded image. It works fine, but now I've got this running in a installation for a couple of weeks I'm noticing this patch has a memory leak.

Does anyone know of a safer method that can perform the same task, and has more control (radius/weight) than the stock median patch?


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Re: median/how to track memory leak?

I just noticed that the video input patch is causing some sort of leak. But, maybe I'm misunderstanding the Instruments app in the dev kit. Is this the best way to track down memory leaks? The way I try to figure the cause right now is to delete a patch, rebuild and monitor with Instruments.

The app I've made with QuartzBuilder seems to flood the memory within 4 days, and then crash. I've got a reboot timer installed that solves the problem at the moment, but it would be nice if that wouldn't be needed.

Is there any other way to track down this issue?