multi-touch fun

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just wanted to share a composition i made today...

the idea came when i started making a multi-touch painting app native to the ipad. sure there are lots of painting apps but i wanted to make a motion painting app i guess you could call. basically painting with particles that sparkle and stuff. once the particles get stacked up my frame rate dropped making it only possible to draw a smiley face ;(

so i changed the duration to just visualize the touch so the particles would fade out and made a osc controller out of it so not all is lost... might try and send this one through itunes.

im worried as apparently apple gave a hard time. i guess he had to change his to be more dj like. i have one of those apps 2. i don't really want to combine them as think a multi-touch controller and a virtual turntable are totally different things.

any thoughts ?

here is video snippet.

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Re: multi-touch fun

Wicked cool, Dust. As always.

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Re: multi-touch fun

you can check the code in the kineme composition repository if you like under osc2ipad.

i used particle designer to make the particles.

particle designer is a cheap fast way to design particles. i thinks its new don't know how many people are using it, but it lets you visualize the particle system your making like you would in qc. you then export a .plist of all the parameter setting you want. then using xml you can parse out the emitter settings in x-code;

they actually look pretty good the particles for being in .pvr format.

even though i used a high level program "particle designer" to initially design the particle i had to at a lower level make some tweaks to the emitter to add gravity input via accelerometer.

so all thats in the repository. i'm adding bouncy menu items today and i need to check the keyboard accessory part of the UIKIT.

this is so i can modify the keyboard a bit. right now its a tripple tap or actually now its a menu item to add ip. the problem is seeing i'm not using a xib and my ui elements are hidden you don't see the ip as you type. its easy for me to just type computerName.local but in the context of using an actual ip i think it would help to see the text your typing.

so i will upload some changes maybe later.