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hi everyone,

thanks for putting up this website. I am a regular passer-by and I have learned lot from you guys!!!

here is my problem: I have borrowed a friend's midi button controller (livid BLOCK) and I am trying to use it with VDMX. within VDMX, I have the possiblity of grouping several buttons into a mutex group, i.e. the buttons are mutually dependent on one another. When I toggle one of the buttons, the other ones in the mutex group will be untoggled. I would like to write a QC patch that replicates the same behaviour for the buttons on the midi device and then just run it within VDMX.

First, I have set all the buttons to output CTL rather than NOTE data. I can do this in the software that comes with the device. This way, I was able to use the receive and send midi patches within QC. It is no problem to put a toggle patch inbetween the receive and sent patches and, thus, to toggle the buttons (lights) on my device. but of course, I want to create this particular behaviour of mutual dependencies, i.e. turning button #1 on will turn button #2 and #3 off (likewise with the other ones).

Could I do this with conditional patches? How? Is there something like a priority patch that would allow me to rank certain inputs? Does anyone have an idea, how to go about this problem? Is it any advantage to use Kineme's MIDInoteOUTPUT patch instead of setting the buttons to CTL? also, I have to admint, that I don't really understand how this patch works? last but not least: I haven't bought the BLOCK so far, but I am considering it. However, the software that comes with it, is kind of annoying. I have the opportunity to buy a small monome. does any know, if a monome is easier to work with?

best, moorooduc

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Re: mutex button group

Just lashed this together very quickly. It's all logical but not too sure how scalable it will be but should do the trick!

Using Keyboard as the boolean inputs for simplicity sake!

MasterToggle.qtz8.69 KB

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Re: mutex button group

Thanks a lot!!! this really does the trick! but, it doesn't work with the midi device. so there might be problem with the LIVID BLOCK (in which case you might not be able to help.... *sigh).

here is what I did:

step#1: I load a midi receiver patch into your composition and I replace the keyboard inputs with 3 buttons from the device. those 3 buttons to the same job. everything works!! check!

step#2: I load a midi send patch into your composition and I replace the billboards with 3 buttons from the device. it works!! i.e. I can toggle the lights/button with 1,2,3 on the keyboard. check!

step#3: now, I want to add those midi receive/send patches to "both ends" fail! it doesn't work.

is this a problem with midi channels? in/out should be on the same midi channel, right? maybe the BLOCK is just crap. I mean, I am able to toggle a single button using a midi receive/send patch (+conditional patch +toggle patch).

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Re: mutex button group

Unfortunately you've lost me there. Haven't played with any Midi devices yet. Hopefully someone else has a simple answer!??


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Re: mutex button group

hey robbierobot, thank you for all the help. your composition is really really instructive. I hope someone will respond to my midi problem. Does anyone know how to solve the same problem with a monome? is there any difference? best, moorooduc

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Re: mutex button group

Not sure about the midi patch problem, but I have had good luck with kineme's midi patches.

For the switching setup here's an idea using robbietherobot's nice comp: connect the LastKey patch to a demultiplexer "Destination Index". In the demultiplexer Settings, select "Use reset value". This allows the demultiplexer current index to be the only "on" signal.