qcopencl plugin/patch

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Have been out of it for a while... where oh where can I find the qcopencl patch? Does not come up in searches of kineme... is it somewhere else?

thanks gang! jd

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Re: qcopencl plugin/patch

It's simple, just open up any old composition, or make a new one.

Click on the Patch Library.

Type in OpenCL into the search bar.

Up will pop OpenCL convertor - creates an image from an OpenCL structure from an _inputStream, OpenCL kernel - which you can program with OpenCL kernels, Mesh Renderer, which can take a Mesh created with OpenCL, although it doesn't show Mesh Creator on this search, even though it seems an even more natural companion to the outputs from the OpenCL programming patch :-) You'll also get OpenCL Context patch.

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Re: qcopencl plugin/patch

Its not a kineme plugin, it comes with QC 4 in Snow Leopard.

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Re: qcopencl plugin/patch

Doh! (cue Simpsons music)

I be 10.5 still. Will upgrade soonish.

thanks!! jd