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So a quick question from a complete newb to all this.. and some of the work here looks waay cool by the way :)

I'm looking to try and create a quicktime playback system potentially in QTZ that will play a movie exported from FCP with chapter/other markers embedded, and wanted to know if there was a import/patch that might read the file during playback and notify of the marker, from this then pausing the playback of the file...

I've created a quartz composition that gives me play/pause control via keypresses, just wanted to implement an 'autopause' function

.. i'm trying to get a two layer video playback so theres an 'always playing background' and a controllable foreground :)

any clues would be great. cheers Ron

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Re: reaction to Quicktime marker

stopwatch :-)

you might also find to be a useful study.

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Re: reaction to Quicktime marker

stopwatch initially looks ok, however i'm after an easy way of loading a file in with multiple markers already there rather than creating of a list of stop points manually.

i really wanted QC to read the embedded markers as there will be a number (30+) of pause points rather than just one per file..

the load files from a folder may work.. but i couldnt find the macro "Get The Article" in any of my RSS demo's. each movie then stop at end and cue next one up. however ideally the markers thing would be great!

any hints?? or ideas for a real newb :)

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Re: reaction to Quicktime marker

you can use your edl or go to >file>export> markers as text or xml. once you have got you list you can read in via xml and pause based on the corresponding mark. xml might be a better choice as it will read in a structure that you can index out as opposed to using kineme file tools and parsing your strings to grep. so you will need a corresponding xml list for each video file then you will need to do some fancy conditional logic based off of the stop watch automate the process. like structure out your first marker which is hooked to a conditional patch that is evaluating the time code of the mark to the stop watch. once the mark has been hit and you get your truth value use that to trigger a counter that increment up to the next markers index which will insert the next timecode for marker 2 to be evaluated and so on. i can see hard coding a few marks but if your doing 30+ for each video this to me seems the best solution for any type of automation. in theory everything should line up, its been years since i have exported any kind of edl for an offline render based on time code but like mentioned above the smorkis vcr has a timecode and you can just use that example to create a time code from the stop watch or something to match the xml list of marks to pause you video. the conditional patch spits out a boolean so just hook it up your pause button like you have with the keyboard patch. you will have to do essentially the same thing but use another stop watch to say delay for x seconds but make sure what ever source your using for the master time code is paused as well the automation will get screwed up. hope that helps. let me know if you can figure it out. post an example or something if it gets tricky. im not sure how you would detect embedded quicktime markers in qc like you would in dvd studio or something ?