standalone quartz w/interface builder problem - nothing in window

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Hi Everyone

First post here

I have been dabbling with Quartz for a little while to add visual element to my music but I would like to take it a little further and get into the programming side.

Anyway I'm going through the Programming Guide [url=]here[/url] and the first step involves creating a cacoa window with a quartz view embedded.

I have tried loading my own quartz patches into this as well as the dancing cube.qtz as specified in the example but i cannot seem to get the view to be inside the window.

When i run the Cacoa simulator i get 2 'windows' - a cacoa window and a view window. The view contains the qtz patch. So what do i need to do to embed the view inside the window??

I'm running osx 10.5.8 & interface builder 3.1.2


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Re: standalone quartz w/interface builder problem - nothing ...

In regards of what you've reported, definitely reproducible by following the online instructions,which instructions are perfectly pertinent to Tiger, yet upon both 10.5.x and 10.6.x in XCode + IB they prove frustratingly ineffective . Cocoa and QC. No longer on the menu?[as it were].

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Re: standalone quartz w/interface builder problem - nothing ...

Thanks cybero :) I almost thought i was foiled at the first step. Glad to see the instructions are somewhat outdated and misleading.

I worked it out

You have to drag the view icon from the mainmenu.xib window into the 'window' window.

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Re: standalone quartz w/interface builder problem - nothing ...

also something i found frustrating at first one day that is actually a really nice feature once you know about it is that when you add a patch to the qc view in IB it gets instantiated into that view, meaning if you change your comp you got to reload it into the qc view from IB again in order for it to update your changes. the default code from "file new quartz composer application" shows you how to load your patch from the xib in code but if you look closely that code only works if you have not loaded the qc file into the xib. a little logic there but this is useful if you don't want to lets say distribute your quartz file with your application. so just remember if using the default code adding your file to the project resource will not necessarily update your project.