visual sound waves

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hello, I need some advice to develop a sound wave "simulator".

these are the references

basically i'd like to obtain a grayscale image which would simulate the propagation of waves bouncing on the borders, possibly having multiple wave sources interfering with each other. it would be like having different drops on a flat water surface.

i saw something similar in jitter some years ago but can't find it anymore.. :(

is there something similar in qc? I had a look around kineme and thought that as a first step I could try to create a greyscale image from the output structure that _1024_WaveGenerator but I can't figure out how.. any hint?

something similar asked before.. rgba values to pixels.

thanks for your help.

best, giorgio

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Re: visual sound waves

To me it looks more like water ripples than sound waves. Give a try to the CIripples, it might get you started.

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Re: visual sound waves

Merci Fran├žois, yes ripples :) let's say waves more than sound waves..

But unfortunately in my library I have CIShapedWaterRipple and Ripple but both deform an input image (I'd like to have a greyscale image just with the waves instead) and they seem not to be continuous..

More than a filter I'd need a generator I guess..

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Re: visual sound waves

This a combination of Particle System & rendering to a GLSL Grid and Billboard, both set to Over, a Noise GLSL shader with texture input. Based in no small part upon Rideout's Noise GLSL and a simple GLSL with texture [conjoined together].

Just make some noise :-)

Ripply.qtz50.15 KB

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Re: visual sound waves

Wow! Cybero that's a really smart way of utilizing the particle system.

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Re: visual sound waves

Cheers :-).

I think the conjoined GLSL shader is the best part, though the Ripple Particle System makes for a very effective simple peak levels visualizer & one can always change the inital image employed.

Could do with exploiting some 3D Transform of that initial Particle System.