Best Resources for QC Knowledge

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After working with QC I am finding I have many questions about the best way to create programs that achieve optimum performance. Does anyone have a recommended resource or book I can read that gives a good out line of the best practices for creating large QC files that have best results and the most compatibility.

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and yes, Someone already recommended cloning Dust's brain and having that implanted in my skull, too bad I have a very small head and I don't think it will fit.

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Re: Best Resources for QC Knowledge

Haha that's funny, I don't suggest anybody clone my brain as my brain comes with it's fair share of mental disorders. Like schizo affective, bi polar and attention defficate disorders. Just want to be clear my mind is not beautiful. I have been told I have a big head before but I don't think they where referring to my hat size This website is pretty much the definitive accumulation or largest body of qc knowledge I know of. So your in the right place.

Optimizations come with time I guess, I'm not really the person to ask in these regards. There is the performance inspector that helps track down those types of things. I read on here somewhere when dealing with large patches to create macros to keep the editor from getting bogged down. Using image croppers with core image kernels and stuff helps as well as only using render in image patches when you really need them. Stuff like that is easy to suggest harder to practice, like I said I'm not the person to ask, there are how ever people on here that are all about optimization.