Freeboard and Keyboard Patch not playing ball. Possibly a bug in one of them.'s picture

Short Version: Demo comp attached to illustrate the point just keep pressing Shift-A, Shift-Z combinations until it jams on A or Z key from Keyboard patch.

Long Version: I often use the modifier key outputs of Kineme's Freeboard patch to alter the meaning of keyboard dependant actions triggered by the Keyboard patch.

For example if the up and down arrow keys are controlling an integer value the composition uses, when the Shift key is down I multiple the up/down arrow increment by 10 to magnify the arrow keys effect on the integer.

I've always noticed that using Freeboard modifier Bools in combination with Keyboard patch Bools can result in the Keyboard patch getting 'sticky' keys that seem to be 'stuck on' intermittently. Pressing the keys on and off can reset the patch behaviour back to normal.

I like using keyboard inputs for compositions to make them more user-friendly (for me and anyone learning from them) so this behaviour is a bit of an annoyance. It would seem the bug is in Apple's keyboard patch but is only exposed by using it in conjunction with the modifiers that Freeboard patch opens up. Guess the work around would be to get all the values out of the freeboard and parse in a Javascript patch for the ones I want but I'm lazy and haven't trying it.

freeboard and keyboard interference.qtz24.65 KB

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Re: Freeboard and Keyboard Patch not playing ball. Possibly ...

I'm able to reproduce this without the Freeboard patch at all (i.e. nuke FB, start composition, press shift, press A, release shift, release A (it's now counting wildly), then press shift, press Z, release shift, release Z, and you get 2 presses simultaneously (and the counters stop)! I'm certain this is a bug -- file a bugreport, and let me know the radar (so I'll take possession of it)'s picture
Re: Freeboard and Keyboard Patch not playing ball. Possibly ...

Thanks, cwright. It occurred to me I should do that check (just the Keyboard patch on it's own) as I was writing the OP but then I forgot to do it! I had my money on Keyboard not Freeboard FWIW ;)'s picture
Re: Freeboard and Keyboard Patch not playing ball. Possibly ...

Sent email, not sure if you're reading that account any more. Radar is 7621956 Thanks