How to get old QC style back?

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How do I get the old style of Quartz Composer back? You know, like this: instead of this:

It would be especially nice if I could have the patches and the composition all in one window like in the first screenshot.

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Re: How to get old QC style back?

What you can't tell from the screenshot is that that original version of Quartz Composer had NO UNDO....

Not so attractive, now, huh..?

Nostalgia is all very well (and I do occasionally still use it, because my office machine is stuck at 10.4), but QC has genuinely come a long way since then, in terms of general ease-of-use.


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Re: How to get old QC style back?

Yeah no kidding, toneburst. Pixelshox couldn't even duplicate patches in the editor, or allow for rendering while editing.

That said, I really do wish that one could have the older patch/noodle look back, of 10.5.X.

I put in a feature request in BugReporter for "skins", which would allow for more extensive modifications of the editing environment, to personalize (options for image/texture embedding into the editor surface and patches, ability to change colors of different patch types, different patch "looks", noodle drawing styles, etc.)... and you could choose whatever profile you wanted, swap with other users, etc. To me, that would be the ultimate, but it's probably overkill.'s picture
Re: How to get old QC style back?

Yeah I wonder if say M$ shipped QC 4 would they have had a 'Keep 10.5 styling' type preference because the customer is always right and doesn't want things changed… or if they would have forced a crap new 'trying to look like the latest Apple ProApps (but not) styling' along with some good new features, some broken old ones, some broken new ones and some lack of inter-version compatibility to force a migration to the new. Just asking ;)