Instant Reply?

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Hey guys -

Trying to figure out if it's feasible to build a instant reply sort of system out of QC.

I would like to capture video from a video input and then scrub through the video as it is capturing or even in increments; capture for 10 seconds, then replay it.

Is it possible to do this with core image perhaps? some sort of accumulator?

Thanks all -

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Re: Instant Reply?

Hey there. The queue object allows one to sample frames from a video feed. In addition, the javascript patch can be used to make custom queues. It's also possible to use javascript with an iterator for certain types of frame grabbing functions that are more obscure.

I'm thinking you will likely want to examine the stock queue object first.

While you're sampling, the queue will fill with images. By using a structure index patch after the output of the queue, one can control which index (or captured frame in this case) is sent to a Billboard or other render patch.

Besides that, if using plugins is an option, I recommend that you examine the Sampler plugin @ by Tom Butterworth, which is really straightforward in operation, and performs well. This may perform better on your system than the stock queue, depending on your setup. It works differently in principle from a queue, and instead gives you something more like a video stream out.