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I am enjoying the Kineme GL Structure Renderer patch. It would be a considerable improvement to this patch if we could pass variables inside the patch other than the variables which Kineme GL Structure Renderer itself uses.

Obvious example would be to also assign "R","G","B","A" to items in an array containing "X","Y","Z". Then inside a parent Structure Renderer patch to be able to grab the appropriate item being Rendered and push the colour variables to a sprite/sphere or whatever.

In short, the Iterator Variables Patch equivalent for the Structure Renderer Patch. Either binding to the structure's item 'iteration' value or just binding the whole structured item and allow user to pull whatever they wish out of it.

If there is a way to already do this, it has escaped me. If there isn't I'l post a feature request.

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Re: Kineme GL Structure Renderer 'Variables' Patch

I totally agree... this was one of my first requests with this patch! It's already "better" than the iterator in some ways (I can duplicate stock particle systems, for instance). Being able to input other variables, and have an "GL Structure Render Variables" Patch inside that would allow for some of the few iterator tricks that you cannot do with the Structure Render would be awesome - like using the iterator to put multiple textures on each renderer copy in an iterator, etc.'s picture
Re: Kineme GL Structure Renderer 'Variables' Patch

Exactly, I automatically was looking for this as soon as I started using Structure Renderer. I even gave the iterator variables patch a chance, a lame hope I know, but, you know, I had to try a few things out.

There isn't a trick we can do for this is there? Like setting a flag somewhere in another structure that can be tested for inside the patch?! I just feel there must be a way but can't find it.

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Re: Kineme GL Structure Renderer 'Variables' Patch

I was wondering if I made, say, an insert splitter and named it after a "X Translation" if anything I pumped to that would put out valid values to whatever else I plug into. I haven't tried it, and I totally don't think that's how the patch works. I don't think it's "talking" to what's inside at all at this point- the structure is just used for placement.

Really great patch though, one of the most useful "how did I ever do with out this" type of things. I mean, I can do this all with the iterator (like in the example I posted not to long ago about iterating structure for that fish placement), but this feels faster (arr, I shouldn't just say that, I need to test it), less flakey, and requires less patches to get it going correctly.