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Hi, trying to get MSA QUAD WARP to work. But for some reason I'm only able to modify right top and buttom corners of the test image. If I change values for left corners it modifies the right corners. Any Idea. Tried on 10.5.8 and 10.6.4.

Bild 4.png
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Some correction.

-Top Right XY: works -Top Left XY: works -Buttom Right: doesn't work, this modifies Top Right XY -Buttom Left: doesn't work , this modifies Top Left XY.

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Don't hate me for my non answer!

Memo's quad warp doesn't keep perspective correct. Apple actually provides a built in patch called Perspective transform that warps an image correctly. In addition, franz of _1024 has recently posted a plugin that does a correct quad warp that maps to QC units.

I would only use memo's quad warp if I desired the effect of the inaccuracy of it (for some reason?).'s an answer:

I just looked at it....and then your screenshot. It looks like you're trying to give it coordinates that are backwards from what QC expects. Why don't you open up the comp and scoot "in" each value from where they are placed by default. You will see that it works fine....

Then after that, if you are trying to use this for anything involving projection, throw it away, and use a different technique :0) ! To be clear, no knock on memo, who is extremely talented. It's just that when I started looking into projection/warping, I burned some time looking at this before I realized it didn't work correctly for that (which, I think it's described as effectively doing on the site....not sure, been way too long.)

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Ok, tried out _1024_Perspective. This works perfectly. The screenshot above shows the grid at startup with initial values. Just wanted to to show that something is not working correctly. Thanx advise.