Many Thanks

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The Color Box and crew are headed to Hawaii on Thursday morning to exhibit at Alcemeyez: The Visionary Arts Congress.

I wanted to thank you all at Kineme for assisting in so many ways that have made this possible. Without your help, your building of compositions I could only imagine, the interaction of the Color Box would still be limited to the Wii. I feel like we have done a job that is going to not only impress the participants at this Conference but may actually deepen their understanding and appreciation of color relationships through kinetic movement.

I've done my best to state credit where it is due. I apologize now for getting any of the credits wrong and am posting this here for any correction, updates and god forbid oversights.

Many Thanks.

Color Box 2011 Credits:

All the Kineme community

George Toledo, Jaymie Strecker

OSCeleton Tryplex: Sebastian Kox

Gestures: Casey Scalf

Composition: Mattias Oostrik

Centroid: Dustin O'Connor

Color Arrays: Jerry Smith, Christopher Wright, Adam Fenn

Many thanks again, and please let me know if I should change/add/delete anything.

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Re: Many Thanks

This will all be listed in the handout available at the installation...

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Re: Many Thanks

I saw your project on Kickstarter. Congrats!

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Re: Many Thanks

Thanks Jerry. If I have missed anyone please let me know, I did my best but it is hard to keep track without full names and contacts.

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Re: Many Thanks

sweet take some pictures