Mesh Influenced by _1024 Math and some lfo's

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I made this composition that I wanted to "throw out there", because I've found _1024 math kind of interesting for certain mesh things.

I'm not posting this in the repository, because I've found that I have to do this weird thing of letting the queue fill to be the same length as the first structure whenever the grid vertex count changes. I've totally (at least on my system) mitigated that with my setup, but it makes me loathe to introduce a premise like this as an example of "good form" since not paying attention to the rule of letting the queue fill first results in exceptions. (I may accidentally have an old version of the math plugin installed... I'll check that out.)

This basically makes a mesh wiggle around, pretty much like a deformer would accomplish. I just like being able to use LFO's, so this is "cool" to me.

This will probably take a few seconds until it starts rendering because of the queue fill and/or detection of a video feed.

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Re: Mesh Influenced by _1024 Math and some lfo's

I guess I should add - the example mesh filter is actually an lfo function. Again, another reason I don't really endorse this, other from the user interaction standpoint. I just like those LFO controls, and in some of my messing around, I was also using another math patch to integrate perlin noise, or to shift stuff around using an additional mesh transform, or shift from sphere to grid, etc.

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Re: Mesh Influenced by _1024 Math and some lfo's

Nice bit of mesh & _1024 plugin work. {& as so often is your wont, a video input is involved :-")}

I found myself almost immediately allowing the amplitude to be nan max and nan min value.

Gives some very good deformations.