MultitouchPatch for Flash Touch

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Can anyone confirm how the Kineme MultitouchPatch for Mac Trackpads (and specifically the Magic Trackpads) might allow that device to communicate touch data to Flash CS5 for multi touch events? I am trying to build an application which uses the Magic Trackpad as the input device for multi touch experiences through Flash's new gesture support framework.

I am not sure if the events the Kineme MultitouchPatch dispatches come across as "raw touch" data which the Flash framework accepts. Also does this work for Mac OsX and/or Windows 7?

Any insight into this would be a huge help! Thanks!

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Re: MultitouchPatch for Flash Touch

I haven't tried it, because I don't develop Flash so take all of this with that in mind, but my first line of thought is:

-Try using the sample compositions that come with the multitouch to output OSC data. Look for the OSC qtz examples in the Apple Developer Folder's Quartz Composer Examples.

-Then, see if using something like flosc as a server ( ) to convert OSC to messages flash can receive.

However, if the crux of this is that Flash receives TCP, maybe the plugin that Vade has made would be a more direct way... I'm not sure as I haven't used it at all. I think as search here will return a link to it, or someone may know the link, I don't have it offhand.

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Re: MultitouchPatch for Flash Touch

the kineme mt patch will work and forward data from the magic track pad if you do not have a multi-touch trackpad. in my case i have a magic trackpad and multi-touch trackpad.

i did some research and posted the modified source which makes the kineme mt patch work. i did this just to verify that it was possible to use both trackpad and magic pad. you can find the discussion here.

like george i no longer use flash so can not really comment in those regards although it is possible. i think made a tcip/osc bridge. the way i have done for the few projects i have used is to send the data via the socket as a raw xml message which flash can read right from the socket given you have an osc bridge running.

for windows 7 you want use tongseng a tuio trackpad implementation. then send that data via tuio through your NAT to your windows 7 virtual machine. on windows 7 run multi-touch vista. this is a software emulation HID that tricks windows 7 into thinking it is a touch certified machine. with multi-touch vista just specify to take input from tuio and not dual mouse. open up pen and ink and flick away or type to your hearts content. windows 7 is awesome in these regards as it supports full system multi-touch once your trick your machine into thinking it is a touch enabled system.