Network limits

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Trying to suss out an issue sending OSC from max/msp on one computer to QC on another computer. At a certain point there seems to be a hard cutoff of data causing a crash. Is this a limit of the plugin? Of OSC? QC? The setup works fine up to the crash limit.

Sending from airport to airport, using the hexler qcOSC patch.

The setup does not appear to be pushing any limits of the airport network card. Receiving 32-bit floats packed into 3 OSC strings, each string containing ~300 items (crash limit), sorted with String Components (George Toledo's nifty method) 3 structure members in an Iterator. In short, not that much.

What are the limits to data coming in to QC? Does anyone else have any advice or experience with a setup like this?

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Re: Network limits

Mattl and I struggled with the OSC Reciever a lot recently for sending data from Processing to QC. ( .

The big limitation we found with the patch was that when receiving structure (floats) it can not receive a batch containing more than 100 floats ( I think it's 50 for qcOSC) for each OSC Path.

The workaround we used was to divide the data in Processing into smaller batches. Maybe this will work for as well.

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Re: Network limits

Good one. We talked about that as a possibility, too, but did not get to try it yet. Thanks so much. If anyone has any concrete info on data limits, that'd be appreciated.

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Re: Network limits

Sorry for not getting back to you on the BBOSC plugin i'm having a meeting on Friday with my old company who built the plugin. We should have it on git hub soon.