New year's hype for

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Hey all,

Over at Create, Peter Kirn has put out a call for nominations for his round-up of the best visualist work of 2009.

Both I and Gabe have nominated this site, and the tireless effort of the developers and helpful hang-arounds here. Not strictly as "top VJs" or whatever, but as one of the places online where it's really happening, both content- and community-wise. It looks like the year in review they're brewing over there won't be a top 10 visualists thing, anyway.

So, if you have seen / made anything especially brilliant this year, there's still time to hop on over and suggest it.

Other than that, thank you for being here, and thanks for this year of work in QC. I was really impressed with the way you, the devs here, took the 10.6 release in stride, and fixed / supported even some old obscure plugins of yours on request. You remain the models of friendly neighborhood reverse engineers.

Much love + happy new year,